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About Giftscop


Giftscop is a playable recreation of Petscop, a fictional game depicted within the Petscop YouTube series.

Our goal is to remake the game shown in the videos as accurately as is reasonably possible, while also creating something functional. This includes any parts that appear to be frustrating, tedious or buggy.


With Giftscop, you can play through a recreated version of Petscop, according to our interpretations of how it works.

While Giftscop does allow you to play through the game, it is not a substitute for watching the original Petscop series. If you play Giftscop without having watched the original series, you will be missing out on numerous key details which are communicated through means other than the game itself, such as Paul's gameplay and commentary, and the video descriptions. Giftscop is made for those who have watched all of the original videos.

Additionally, there are several parts in the original series where the specific functionality of the game is ambiguous. We've implemented several of these parts according to our own interpretations of how they function, but these shouldn't necessarily be treated as the "correct" interpretations.

Giftscop is a recreation of Petscop and not a standalone or original game. With our goal in mind, this means that Giftscop is more aimed at being accurate to Petscop, not being playable by gameplay standards. There are parts of Petscop that are tedious and objectively not "fun", and those are reflected accurately in Giftscop. Please expect this element while playing through the game.

At the top right of the Giftscop application, a watermark that says "Recreation" is present over the gameplay. This cannot be removed. The purpose of the watermark is to make it clear that Giftscop is a recreation of Petscop, and not real Petscop footage. This helps prevent people from misleading others, intentionally or otherwise, into believing Giftscop is actual Petscop or that Petscop is a real game.

For our documentation of info and help for playing Giftscop, please see the Info & Help page.


On occasion, we have added extra features into Giftscop, such as extra rooms and multiplayer activities. For the most part, these have nothing to do with the original series; they're added just for fun.

While we hope that these extras are enjoyable for players and appreciate that people like them, we also hope that people understand that they are entirely secondary to our main goal of recreating Petscop. Sometimes we will modify or remove extra features if they conflict with something in the main part of the game, or are otherwise causing problems.

We do not recommend becoming too attached to any of these features, or following the project expecting us to focus on these features, as this will only lead to disappointment. We will not focus exclusively on extra features; this is a recreation of Petscop.