Custom Spritesheets

Using the console, you can use custom spritesheets, replacing the default guardian sprites.

To use a custom sheet, it must first be placed into the appropriate folder. Then, you may use the /setchar [fileName] command to load it. More information about commands may be found here.
Sheets must be 256x320 or 320x320, 1.2 also adds support for 64x64 sheets. Sheets must use png format.
A template sheet is provided in the sheets folder.

The sheets folder is located inside of the game's persistent data folder:

If making your own custom sheet:

If you're looking for some custom sheets people have made already, check the Giftscop Discord server.
(Some of these may use the 1.0 sheet layout, which doesn't have the rightmost column, but they will still work in later builds. You can remove this column to save space if you wish.)

To reset the current sheet, use /setchar guardian.