Playable Characters (1.1.1)

Using the console, you can set yourself to a set of built-in characters or to a custom sheet.
The command to change the sheet in use is /setchar name.


Built-in characters come with Giftscop by default. They may have custom P2 to TALK sounds.


Name Alt. Names Description
guardian guardian8
Default player character
paul The "pyramid head" character
belle tiara Belle's sprite
marvin Marvin's sprite
guardian1 Iteration 1 of guardian_history w/ no animations
guardian2 Iteration 2 of guardian_history w/ no animations
guardian3 Iteration 3 of guardian_history w/ no animations
guardian4 Iteration 4 of guardian_history w/ no animations
guardian5 Iteration 5 of guardian_history w/ no animations
guardian6 betaguardian
Iteration 6 of guardian_history w/ no animations
guardian7 Iteration 7 of guardian_history w/ no animations


Name Description
smug Smug Marvin spritesheet
barvin James's "OC" recolor of Marvin
sans Uh-oh, it's Sans Undertale
bmp Standalone image of marvin.bmp

Custom Characters

Custom sheets can be placed into the Naulsheets folder.
To work properly, they must match up with the template format and size. A template is provided in the Naulsheets folder when you download a build.

To apply custom characters, the name part of the setchar command should be the name of the image of the sprite sheet. The sheet must be in the Naulsheets folder.

If making your own custom sheet:

  • The top right slot is the sprite that is interchanged when pulled around in the second floor of the School.
  • Ensure the walking animations line up properly.
  • Check that the file dimensions remain at 320x320.

If you're looking for some custom sheets people have made already, check the #naulsheets channel of the Giftscop Discord server.
(Some of these may use the 1.0 sheet layout, which doesn't have the rightmost column, but they will still work with 1.1. You can remove this column to save space if you wish.)

If you've lost any of your sheets, you can download every sheet you've used on multiplayer HERE (requires authorization).