Commands List (1.1.1)

All commands can be run by adding / before them.

Command Description
autorecord Enable or disable automatic input recording for demo playback.
back Undo the last movement, such as with /tp or /scene.
balloon Enable or disable the balloon on your character.
bind Set a binding for a control.
/bind button key ex. /bind triangle uparrow
A list of valid key parameter names can be viewed HERE. (The controller inputs here will NOT work.)
buckets Reset the position of all buckets.
burnin Enable the Burn-In Monitor. (It can be disabled by making any game input.)
cam Various camera settings.
  • normal - Regular/default camera
  • idle - Lock the camera's current position
  • topdown - A top view camera
  • free - Free camera and look anywhere
  • reset - Align camera to current position and location
chatsound Enable or disable the sound effect played when sending or receiving chat messages.
chromaamp Adjust the amplitude of the chroma subcarrier (NTSC filter).
Default 1.5
chromafreq Adjust the number of chroma subcarrier cycles per scanline (NTSC filter).
Default 170.667
clear Clear the chat log/console.
connect Attempt to connect to the multiplayer server.
crash "Fake crash" the game like the game does automatically in Odd Care.
demo Toggle the "DEMO" sign and other changes that would be apparent in demo versions of your current game state.
demoinfo Show info about the current demo being recorded or played.
disconnect Disconnect from the multiplayer server.
discordrpc Enable or disable Giftscop from showing a Playing status with the Discord client.
dither Enable or disable dithering. Disabled by default.
dmototsv Convert a Giftscop .dmo demo file to a Framescop .tsv file.
fog Enable or disable fog.
folder Opens/lists your directory for saves, logs, etc. of Giftscop.
fp Enable or disable first person mode.
fps Enable or disable the 30 FPS clamp.
fs Enable or disable fullscreen.
gamma Adjusts gamma correction.
Default 1
grid Toggles a tile grid.
hat Enable or disable the party hat on your character.
help List all commands in the console.
hidden Enable or disable the "hidden game", the same affect as entering the code in Roneth's Room.
housedoor Opens the house door.
invert Reverses the functions of left and right (horizontal) movement.
kernelsize Adjust the kernel size of the sharpening filter.
Default 1
key Enable or disables a key, which can be used for either the house or garage door.
lang Set to a built-in or custom language file.
A list of built-in languages can be seen HERE.
Use /lang name (substituting "name" for a file name in the Custom Languages folder) for custom languages.
list List other players connected to multiplayer and their locations.
(can only be used if connected to multiplayer)
listdemos List demo files that have been recorded.
Demos not recorded on the current version appear grey, and may not function properly if played.
listfsfiles List Framescop files (.tsv) that are available.
listscenes List all scenes available to use with /scene. (or view HERE)
marvindemo Play the named demo recording as Marvin.
This command is buggy and will cause major problems if used outside of its intended purpose. Use with caution.
midi Various functions to make a MIDI device function with the Needles Piano.
NOTE: This is for MIDI hardware connected to your PC and not for playing .mid files.
  • info - Current connected MIDI device information.
  • deviceID - Substitute "deviceID" with the number of the device you want to use, if multiple are connected. Default 0.
  • start - Enable the linked device to play on the Needles.
  • stop- Stop listening to the linked device.
needles Mutes or unmutes the Needles Piano.
nick Set your nickname for multiplayer.
nmpdoor Opens the trap door to under the Newmaker Plane.
noclip Enable or disable noclip (avoid collision / walk through walls).
ntsc Enable or disable the NTSC filter.
odd Enable or disable Odd Care (Petscop 9/10 alternate Even Care w/ crashing, & old gens of Randice/Wavey's room)
ortho Enable or disable orthographic camera (2D-style, no "perspective depth")
pet Adds the named pet (no spaces) to your caught Pets menu.
pieces Set the amount of pieces you have to the given value.
play Plays the named demo & allows current location playback if set to false.
pos Use by itself to list your current position.
Use as /pos X Y Z to set your position.
posx Set your position on the X axis only.
posy Set your position on the Y axis only.
posz Set your position on the Z axis only.
quit Quits the game.
record Begin recording a demo at the given file name.
reset Restart the game at the Garalina logo screen.
resetbinds Changes all bindings back to default binds.
save Saves the current file without returning to the title screen.
say Says the given word(s) in P2 to TALK.
sayspeed Adjust the speed at which /say inputs P2 to TALK messages, overriding the value for the current character.
Use /sayspeed reset to return it to the default speed for the current character.
Accepts values between 1 and 20.
scale Change scale of your player character.
scene Use by itself to list your current scene.
Use as /scene scenename to change the scene you're in.
school Enable or disable the School appearing on the Newmaker Plane.
scrheight Adjust the vertical resolution while remaining current aspect ratio.
scrscale Adjust the resolution based on the given value.
scrwidth Adjust the horizontal resolution while remaining current aspect ratio.
setchar Sets your player character to the given character name or custom file.
See a list of valid built-in characters HERE.
Use /setchar name (substituting "name" for a file name in the Naulsheet folder) for custom characters.
shadow Enable or disable Shadow Monster Man mode.
sharpen Adjust the strength of the sharpening filter.
Default 0.25
shownames Enable or disable nicknames of other players showing in multiplayer.
showsheets Enable or disables custom characters from other players. Disabling will show other players as the "Paul" sprite.
skipcl Skips the Child Library wait time and immediately pulls up the room you input.
soundtest Functions for Sound Test unlock behavior options.
speed Set your walking speed. (Negative values will make you walk backwards, like in Petscop 17.)
ss Enable the "Strange situation" event and changes to the house and its surrounding region.
stoprecord Stop your current /record use.
stopsay Interrupts any pending current use of the /say command.
talksfx Mutes or unmutes P2 to TALK sounds.
text Opens a textbox based on the given name from the language file.
ex. "/text amber" will open Amber's description
tp Teleports to the player with the nickname specified.
tsvtodmo Convert a Framescop .tsv file to a Giftscop .dmo demo file.
volume Adjust the volume of music or sfx.
Use as "/volume (music, sfx) (value)". Value default 1.
ws Enable or disable widescreen.