Commands List (1.2)

All commands can be run by adding / before them. Multiple commands may be used on the same line, use ; to separate them. Quotes may be used to include spaces in parameters.

The console may be activated by pressing Shift+C+8.

NOTE: Most commands are considered "cheats," and are not intended to be used during normal playthroughs, as they may cause bugs, other unexpected behaviors, and permanently alter the way the game functions.
This page is a work in progress, and will likely change in the future.


Command Description
bt601 Toggles a filter which emulates a subtle color encoding error from the original YouTube videos. Disabled by default.
clear Clears the chat log/console.
connect Attempt to connect to the multiplayer server.
More information about multiplayer can be found HERE
controls Used to view or configure the game's controls.
  • set [button] [key]
    • Button should be a PSX controller button, while key should be a keyboard key.
    • For example, to set the start button to be controlled by the enter key, you would use /controls set Start Enter
  • reset [button]
  • resetall
  • invert
    • Inverts horizontal movement. Based on the controls screen from Petscop 20.
  • controllertest
    • Logs detected controller inputs to the console. Intended to be used with /controls set to configure the game with a controller.
  • requirefocus
    • Toggles the window focus requirement. When off, the game will detect inputs even when the window is unfocused.
disconnect Disconnect from the multiplayer server.
discordrpc Toggles whether Giftscop will display a playing status in the Discord client.
dither Enable or disable dithering. Enabled by default.
extras Used to access Giftscop's extra rooms.
folder Opens the game's persistent data folder, which is used to store save files, recordings, and other data that the game uses.
fps Toggles an FPS counter.
help Lists available console commands.
info Displays information about the current game version, hardware, etc.
lang Loads a custom language file.
More info can be found HERE.
Use /lang name (substituting "name" for a file name in the Custom Languages folder) for custom languages.
Used to execute command macros. Macros may be specified within the macros.txt file in the game's persistent data folder.
midi Various functions to make a MIDI device function with the Needles Piano.
NOTE: MIDI input will only do anything while you're holding a needles piano, or in other location of the game where MIDI inputs are used.
  • info - Displays connected MIDI device information.
  • deviceID - Substitute "deviceID" with the number of the device you want to use, if multiple are connected. Default 0.
  • start - Enables the linked device to play on the Needles.
  • stop - Stops listening to the linked device.
  • file - Used to play MIDI files from the persistent data folder.
nick Sets your nickname for multiplayer.
list Lists other players connected to multiplayer and their locations.
(can only be used if connected to multiplayer)
ntsc Toggles the composite video filter. Enabled by default.
quantize Toggles 15-bit color depth. Disabled by default.
quit Quits the game.
rcon Used to access serverside commands while connected to multiplayer. More information about multiplayer, and rcon commands, can be found HERE.
reference Used to overlay a reference image. The reference image must be placed in the same location as the game's executable, as reference.png
reset Restart the game at the Garalina logo screen. Use /reset true to reset global save data.
Configures various properties related to the game's resolution.
  • fullscreen
    • Toggles fullscreen mode.
  • widescreen
    • Toggles widescreen mode.
  • width [pixels]
    • Sets the horizontal resolution. This does not change the aspect ratio.
  • height [pixels]
    • Sets the vertical resolution. This does not change the aspect ratio.
  • scale [scale]
    • Sets the game resolution based on a multiple of 240p. (1.0 = 320x240, 2.0 = 640x480, etc...)
screenshot Takes a screenshot of the game. Screenshots are stored in the game's persistent data folder, which may be opened via the /folder command.
shownames Toggles nicknames of other players in multiplayer.
showsheets Toggles custom sheets on other players in multiplayer. Disabling this will cause other players to appear as default sprites.
sticky Specifies a command to be exectued every time a room is loaded.
volume Adjusts sound and music volume properties.
  • sfx [value]
  • music [value]
  • toggle
    • needles
    • talk
    • chat
vsync Adjusts vsync. Set to 0 (disabled) by default.
zbuffer Toggles the depth buffer for the current room. Enabling it may improve performance in some cases.
In cases where it does improve performance, we recommend using it with the /sticky command, so that it is applied to every room, and does not reset when you move between rooms.
To do this, use /sticky "zbuffer on"

NOTE: Cheat commands are NOT intended to be used during regular playthroughs, nor are they necessary to complete the game.

Command Description
ai Used to debug concurrent players
back Undo the last movement, such as with /tp or /scene.
burnin Manually activates the Burn-In Monitor. It can be closed by making any game input.
cam Adjusts various camera settings.
  • pos - Sets the current camera position
  • rot - Sets the current camera rotation
  • mode
    • normal - Regular/default camera
    • idle - Lock the camera's current position
    • free - Free camera and look anywhere
    • custom - Custom camera behavior, configured with /cam param
  • param - Configures custom camera parameters
    • basepos
    • rot
    • fov
    • scale
    • offset
    • followbounds
    • freemove
    • freerot
  • sync - Sets custom camera properties based on the current room's camera behavior
  • reset - Align camera to current position and location
crash Crashes the game.
draw Manually activates draw mode

NOTE: Draw mode may be opened without the console. The Nifty code will also activate it: L2-Square-R1-Triangle-R2-Up-R2-Circle-R1-Circle
flag Used to toggle various game flags.
Example: /flag set amber
gamespeed Adjusts the speed at which game logic is updated.
This is an advanced command, so it cannot be used unless the -advanced command line argument is included when the game executable is opened.
gen View or set the current gen. Set to 8 by default, however it will change automatically as you progress through the game.
This is an advanced command, so it cannot be used unless the -advanced command line argument is included when the game executable is opened.
NOTE: This command will permanently change how the game functions, use it at your own risk.
key Sets the current key (if any).
  • None
  • House
  • Garage
library Manually configures the current child library room.
light Lists or manually configures current lighting properties.
  • fog
    • radius
    • color
    • alpha
  • ambient
  • clearcolor
load Manually loads a save file. A save index may be specified, ie /load 2
noclip Toggles noclip (avoid collision / walk through walls).
perspective Changes which player the game treats you as. Set to Care by default and under all normal circumstances.
This is an advanced command, so it cannot be used unless the -advanced command line argument is included when the game executable is opened.
NOTE: This command will permanently change how the game functions, use it at your own risk.
pieces Sets the piece counter to the given value.
player Manually configures various properties related to the player.
  • mode
    • None
    • ThirdPerson
    • FirstPerson
  • overlay
  • brightness [value]
pos Use by itself to list your current position.
Use as /pos [x] [y] [z] to manually set your position, ie /pos 5 0 1.5
You may also specify a value for a specific axis, ie /pos x 8
Used to access various functionality related to recordings.
  • play [fileName]
  • record [fileName]
  • stop
  • list
  • info
  • auto
  • impulse
  • convert <rec, tsv> [fileName]
  • treadmill
  • ghost [fileName]
  • safety <restrict, stop, unsafe>
  • tracker
reload Reloads the current scene
save Manually saves the game. A save index may be specified, ie /save 2
say Says the given word(s) using the gamepad language.
NOTE: It's possible to use P2 talk without this command.
sayspeed Adjust the speed at which /say executes.
scale Changes the scale of the player character.
scene Use by itself to list your current scene.
Use as /scene [sceneName] to change the scene you're in.

NOTE: This command only changes which scene you're in. It does not affect your position within the scene.
If you are not careful, this may cause you to go out of bounds. When this happens, you may use the /pos command to get back in bounds.
A list of scenes may be found here
setchar Loads a custom sheet. Sheets must be placed in the sheets folder inside the persistent data folder. More information on custom sheets may be found HERE
skip Used to skip some sections of the game where you are required to wait.
Configures various properties related to the sound test menu.
stopsay Interrupts any pending or current use of the /say command.
text Opens a textbox based on the given name from the language file.
ex. "/text amber" will open Amber's description
tiles Load or edit tilemaps.
  • edit
  • save [fileName]
  • load [fileName]
  • clear
  • move [x] [y] [z]
  • tex [fileName]
  • replacetex [original] [replacement]
  • clean <unusedtex, overlapping>
  • removetex [fileName]
  • brush
    • reset
    • normal
    • texture
    • gradient
    • size
    • mirror
    • multi
    • syncsize
    • pos
    • movement
  • refresh
  • collision <add, remove, update>
  • autoexec
  • mouse
time Configures the ingame time.
tp Teleports to another player.
vertprecision Adjusts strength of the PSX vertex snapping effect.

Command line arguments

There are several command line arguments which may be used to configure the behavior of the ingame console.

NOTE: These must be included when the game's executable is opened, they may NOT be used from the ingame console.

Relevant command line arguments are listed in the table below:

Argument Description
-console Immediately activates the console, bypassing the Shift-C-8 code.
-cheats Enables cheat commands.
-advanced Enables advanced commands.

Additionally, you may specify ingame commands as command line arguments, and they will be executated when the game starts. To do this, begin the argument with a forward slash and, if the command includes spaces, entire that it is not interpreted as multiple separate arguments. Putting the entire command inside quotation marks should accomplish this.

The following example would open the game with the console immediately activated, enable cheats, and set the recording safety mode to "stop": petscop.exe -console -cheats "/recording safety stop"