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This is a resource page for fonts used in Petscop and Petscop content (and in turn, Giftscop).

Custom Fonts (Recreations)

Recreations of fonts specially made for Petscop.

Name Usage Creator Characters Version Link
PetscopWide General UI osyu, Caylie C. Ext. ASCII, Cyrillic, some CJK 13.3 Download (TTF)
PetscopTall Save file piece counter, GEN. osyu ASCII 1.0 Download (TTF)
PanicTF PANICSV, (console in Giftscop multiplayer) Caylie C., osyu Ext. ASCII, Cyrillic, some CJK 1.1.1 Download (TTF)

Font Sources

Fonts used in Petscop that already existed before (some released after 1997).

Name Release Date (lol) Usage Link
Poetsen One April 7, 2013 Petscop logo, Gift Plane loading screens, signs, GiRL dafont
Days Sans Black May 28, 2014 Garalina logo 1001fonts
Times New Roman 1932 Paper/notes, burn-in monitor, Graverobber & Accident logos MonoType
Lucida Sans 1993 Calendars, lock dial, Checkers logo MonoType
Arial 1982 Controls, mike2 loading, testing room #s, Rotation logo MonoType
Dyno Bold (v1.1) February 17, 2012 Garalina unused logo wFonts
Gill Sans (bfont) 1928 Garalina unused G MonoType

Fun Fonts

Other fonts inspired by Petscop created by the community.

Name Description Creator Characters Version Link
PetscopHand Handwritten style of general UI font perischi ASCII 1.08 Download (TTF)
PetscopSharp HD style of general UI font Caylie C. ASCII 1.0 FontStruct
Glyphscop Petscop & Giftscop inspired dingbat font perischi ASCII 1.00 Download (TTF)