Game Info & Help (1.1.1)

We highly recommend you watch the original Petscop videos before playing Giftscop.
If you have any questions after reading, join our Discord server, verify, and ask in #giftscop-chat.

NOTE: If you are using a 1.2 prerelease build, some of this information may be outdated.



  • D-Pad — WASD keys
  • Face buttons (X, Triangle, Circle, Square) — Arrow keys
  • Shoulder buttons (L2 L1 R1 R2) — Z X C V
  • Start — Enter key
  • Select — Spacebar
  • Toggle P2 to TALK — Tab
  • Open console — T
    • You may also use the forwardslash key "/" to open the console with a slash, if you intend to use a command.
  • Submit console command — Enter

Binding & Controllers

To change bindings, use the "bind" command or edit the bindings.ini file.

Due to technical limitations, Giftscop does not currently have built-in controller support.
To use a controller, you will have to use a program that converts controller input to keyboard inputs, such as joytokey.


Gameplay mostly functions exactly as it does in the original Petscop videos.
Please read these for specifics, and what is not yet in Giftscop.

Specific Functions

  • The trap door is located at (100, 0, -100), southeast from the brick building.
    • It will open automatically if you wait next to it for a few minutes, or can be opened immediately via cheat commands.
  • The house is located at (-115, 0, -50), northwest from the underground exit.
    • The door will open automatically several minutes after the key is used, or it may be opened immediately via cheat commands.
  • The school is located at (95, 0, -70), but is only visible if you walk down the road tunnel, or use the /school command.
  • The Child Library will generate a room after approximately 10 minutes, or skip with the /skipcl command.
  • The Marvin event shown in Petscop 8 can be activated by having Toneth and standing in the road for a while.

Demo Recordings

Giftscop automatically records your gameplay inputs to replay as demos later, like Petscop does.

This allows you to solve the puzzle to open the garage like in Petscop 14 if you've used the teal tool like in Petscop 13.

Using commands that skip things or offset your position will break the current demo being recorded.

Some machines may experience issues with constant auto recordings, such as lag or memory use.
This will be improved in a future version. You can disable this setting with the /autorecord command if it's causing problems.

Things NOT in 1.1.1

While these features have all been implemented in 1.2 prerelease builds, they were NOT implemented when 1.1.1 was released:

  • Watching the Windmill and catching Toneth like in Petscop 6
  • Anything with the pink tool
  • Waiting in the house and catching Care A
  • Accessing the secret menu through Sound Test, and its associated menus + gameplay elements
  • Anything after Petscop 21, for the most part (no basement + Care B, no board games, no SMM car)

Extra Features


Use /help in the console to see a list of commands.
NOTE: Most commands are considered "cheats," and are not intended to be used during normal playthroughs, as they may cause bugs, other unexpected behaviors, and permanently alter the state of the game.

Important commands:

  • /fs - Enables or disables fullscreen.
  • /ws - Enables or disables widescreen.
  • /skipcl - Skips the Child Library wait time and immediately pulls up the room you input.
    • In 1.2, this command will be replaced with /skip
  • /lang - Set to a built-in or custom language file. More info HERE.
  • /disconnect - Disconnect from multiplayer, if connected.
  • /autorecord - Enables or disables automatic input recording for demos.
    • In 1.2, this command will be replaced with /recording auto
  • /say - Say something with P2 to TALK. Accepts regular English words only.
  • /folder - Opens/lists your directory for saves, logs, etc. of Giftscop.

A detailed list of all commands and their use can be found HERE.

Custom Characters

To use custom characters, have files in the "Naulsheets" folder with the provided template.
Then, use the /setchar command using the file's name (without .png) to change to it.
NOTE: In 1.2, the sheets folder will be moved to the game's appdata directory. You may use the /folder command to determine the location of the appdata directory.

If you want community-made functioning sheets, join our Discord and check out the #naulsheets channel.
For more detailed sheet directions and a list of built-in characters, see HERE.

MIDI Needles Piano

If you have the Needles Piano "equipped" and your MIDI device plugged in, you can connect to play the Needles in any way you want.
NOTE: This is for MIDI hardware connected to your PC and not for playing .mid files.

  • /midi - See subsets of MIDI-related commands.
    • /midi info - Current connected MIDI device information.
    • /midi deviceID - Substitute "deviceID" with the number of the device you want to use, if multiple are connected. Default 0.
    • /midi start - Enable the linked device to play on the Needles.
    • /midi stop - Stop listening to the linked device.


Giftscop 1.1 brings multiplayer!

Use the /connect command and follow the directions to connect to the multiplayer server and talk and play with others.
Use /disconnect to disconnect.

A list of commands and rules for multiplayer can be found HERE. Failure to follow multiplayer rules may result in being banned from multiplayer.

Supported Systems

Windows and macOS are supported in build downloads by default.


Giftscop can be played on Linux using Wine.
Some players have suggested that Proton works better, but may have glitches.

The main known bug with running the game through either method on Linux is that the game cannot be unfocused at any time, or it will no longer accept inputs.
This may prevent you from accessing Multiplayer which requires you to go offscreen to authorize.

Specific builds for Linux are not currently achievable at this time, but will be considered in the future.


Having any trouble getting certain things to work? This list provides solutions to common issues with the game.

  • Changing the SFX volume may distort the volume of the piano in Pen's room. Set it back to 1 to avoid this.

  • FMV playback is not supported in Unity on Windows 7. You can disable FMVs by setting playFmv to False in the settings.ini file.
  • If you get an error when setting your Naulsheet, or if other players' Naulsheets do not display, please install the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.
  • Naulsheets and languages may not work on macOS 10.12+ due to App Translocation (you can find out what this means HERE).
    Quarantine can be disabled by moving to a different folder, then moving it back to where it was.