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Info & Help

This page contains information for the latest version of Giftscop, which may be found here.

We strongly recommend watching the original Petscop videos before playing. Giftscop is NOT a substitute for the original Petscop series; you'll be missing out on key information if you play Giftscop first.

If you have any questions after reading, feel free to ask them in our Discord server.


Giftscop's keyboard controls function similar to how they would work in a PlayStation emulator: Keys on the keyboard are linked to buttons on a virtual controller.

Default Layout

When you first open Giftscop, you may choose between two options. The arrow keys option is designed around which buttons are used most frequently, and the WASD option roughly mimics the physical layout of a PSX controller.

The default layouts are as follows:

PSX Button Key (arrow keys layout) Key (WASD layout)
Left Left Arrow A
Right Right Arrow D
Up Up Arrow W
Down Down Arrow S
Cross (X) Z Down Arrow
Triangle X Up Arrow
Square A Left Arrow
Circle S Right Arrow
Start Enter Enter
Select Spacebar Spacebar
L1 W X
L2 Q Z
R1 E C
R2 R V

Additional keybinds are listed below:

Key Function
Tab Switch input mode (P1, P2, Needles Piano)
NOTE: This only works when alternate input modes are available: You cannot switch to the Needles Piano input mode if you are not holding a Needles Piano, for example.
F10 Opens the persistent data folder
F11 Toggles fullscreen
F12 Saves a screenshot to the persistent data folder


Various settings may be modified by changing files inside of Giftscop's persistent data folder, which may be opened by pressing F10, or by navigating to its location manually:

  • On Windows, the folder may be found at %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Garalina\Petscop
  • On OSX, the folder may be found at /Users/[name]/Library/Application Support/Garalina/Petscop

The settings.ini file contains various game settings. More information may be found here.

You may customize the controls layout by modifying the controls.ini file within the persistent data folder. The file may be modified via a text editor, such as Notepad. A list of valid keys may be found here.


Gameplay functions mostly the same as it does in the original Petscop videos.

Completing The Game

If you're stuck, or otherwise not sure what to do, you may refer to our walkthrough page.

P2 to TALK

The "P2 to TALK" system is fully implemented in Giftscop, and functions as it does in Petscop. For more details, see the P2 to TALK page.


Giftscop automatically records your gameplay inputs to replay as demos later, like Petscop does. Recordings are stored in the persistent data folder.

Wait Times

Some parts of the game require waiting a long time for something to happen, such as watching the windmill for several hours like in Petscop 6. In Giftscop, these wait times are reflected accurately, however, the vast majority of these events are entirely optional. More details may be found on the walkthrough.

Minimum Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements to run Giftscop optimally:

Operating System Graphics Disk Space
Windows 8 Direct3D 11 feature level 10.0+ 150MB
macOS 10.10 OpenGL 3.2+ 150MB


Giftscop can be played on Linux using Wine. Some players have suggested that Proton works better, but may have bugs.

The main known issue with running Giftscop through either method on Linux is that the window cannot be unfocused at any time, or it will no longer accept inputs.

Native builds for Linux are not currently achievable, but are being considered for the future.

Giftscop is NOT supported on any other platforms, in any capacity. It will not be ported to other platforms.


Having any trouble getting certain things to work? This list provides solutions to common issues with Giftscop.

  • FMV playback is not supported by Unity's video player on Windows 7. You can disable FMVs by setting playFmv to False in the settings.ini file, which is located inside the persistent data folder.

If you're encountering an issue that isn't listed here, ensure that you're using the most recent build of Giftscop. Older builds have more bugs, many of which have been fixed in more recent builds. If the issue is still present in the most recent build, you may report it in the #bug-reports channel in our Discord server.

Please note that Giftscop intentionally includes bugs that appear in the original Petscop videos.