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Giftscop supports custom translations. To use one, you may modify the language field in the settings.ini file so that it's set to the name of the custom language file you wish to use.

Custom language files must be placed in the appropriate folder before you're able to load them. Both settings.ini and the languages folder may be found in the persistent data folder, which may be opened by pressing F10, or by navigating to its location manually:

  • On Windows, the folder may be found at %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Garalina\Petscop
  • On OSX, the folder may be found at /Users/[name]/Library/Application Support/Garalina/Petscop

Creating custom translations

If interested in making your own translation, you may modify the template language and save it to a new file in the same folder.

When making a custom language:

  • You do not need to retain the same amount of lines for text box entries; they can be more or less than the original. However, changing the length may cause recordings to desync.
  • To work properly, they MUST retain proper JSON syntax.
  • Tags can be used to activate some effects. <tada> <spell>, and <shovel> can be included within lines.
  • PetscopWide, the in-game UI font, has been extended to also include:
    • Extended ASCII
    • Cyrillic alphabet
    • Japanese hiragana & katakana

Old Translations

Older versions of Giftscop included built-in translations, however they were removed because it was difficult to verify their quality, and because we felt that they would work better as a community thing.

If you want to use them, the old translations may be downloaded HERE. After downloading, you may install them as custom languages.