Languages (1.1.1)

Using the command console, you can change the game's text language to built-in translations or to a custom language.
The command to change the language in use is /lang name.

Built-in Translations

Built-in translations were included with Giftscop 1.1.1.

NOTE: In 1.2, built-in languages will be removed, as it is difficult to verity their quality, and because we feel that they work better as a community thing.
The 1.1.1 translations may be downloaded HERE

  • english / en - English (source language)
  • spanish / es - Spanish (Español)
  • french / fr - French (Français)
  • italian / it - Italian (Italiano)
  • russian / ru - Russian (Русский)
  • brazportuguese / bp - Brazillian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)
  • turkish / tr - Turkish (Türkçe)
  • dutch / nl - Dutch (Nederlands)
  • german / de - German (Deutsch)

They are community contributed, and may lose meaning in translation.
Built-in translations will not be provided in future versions.

Custom Languages

If interested in making your own translation, or just changing the text to something funny, you may modify the template language and save it to a new file in the same folder.

To apply custom languages, the name part of the lang command should be the name of the file of the language json. The file must be in the Custom Languages folder.

If making your own custom language:

  • You do not need to retain the same amount of lines for text box entries; they can be more or less than the original.
  • To work properly, they must retain the .json formatting.
  • Tags can be used to activate some effects. <tada> <spell>, and <shovel> can be included within lines.
  • PetscopWide, the in-game UI font, has been extended to also include:
    • Extended ASCII
    • Cyrillic alphabet
    • Japanese hiragana & katakana

If you're looking for some custom languages people have made already, check the #custom-languages channel of the Giftscop Discord server.