Multiplayer (1.1.1)

Giftscop 1.1 brings multiplayer!


To connect to the server, you must log in with a Discord account.

You can connect to the server with the /connect command.
You can disconnect from the server with the /disconnect command.


The multiplayer servers operate under the same behavior rules as the Discord server. These are as follows:

  • Don't spam or be annoying
  • Be respectful to others and don't cause drama
  • Harassment or discrimination (racism, sexism, etc.) is NOT tolerated
  • NSFW discussions aren't permitted
  • Do not gamejack, or attempt to impersonate anyone

Moderators can kick or ban players from Multiplayer that violate these rules.
There is no tolerance for breaking major rules within the server.


All commands that are for or are useful in multiplayer:

Command Description
chatsound Enable or disable the sound effect played when sending or receiving chat messages.
connect Attempt to connect to the multiplayer server.
disconnect Disconnect from the multiplayer server.
list List other players connected to multiplayer and their locations.
needles Mutes or unmutes the Needles Piano. It will also affect other players.
nick Set your nickname for multiplayer.
showsheets Enable or disables custom characters from other players. Enabling will show other players as the "Paul" sprite.
talksfx Mutes or unmutes P2 to TALK sounds. It will also affect other players.