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In multiplayer, you must follow the rules, otherwise you are risking a permanent ban. The multiplayer rules are as follows:

  1. Be respectful; Don't be rude, mean, exclusionary, or discriminatory.
    • Discrimination towards things such as race, gender (+identities), sexuality, etc. is NOT tolerated.
  2. Keep things appropriate; No adult content, inflammatory/controversial chatting.
    • NSFW is NOT allowed (sexual content, heavy gore) - you will be banned.
    • Do not make people uncomfortable.
  3. No impersonation; Do not pretend to be someone else.
  4. No spamming; Don't be bothersome, don't spam needles piano inputs.
  5. No brigading; Do not target people, groups, etc. or bring drama into multiplayer.
  6. Follow Discord's ToS; Since multiplayer requires a Discord account, we expect you to follow its Terms of Service.
    • This includes their age requirements. Discord requires server operators to enforce this aggressively for legal reasons; accounts will be banned even for joking about being underage.
  7. No advertising; Do not use multiplayer to direct people to join a separate Discord server, to visit any external websites, or anything similar.

  • Rules apply to ALL forms of ingame communication, at ALL times, even if you are the only person online.
  • Staff can view server logs. Violating a rule when no staff members are online may still result in a ban.
  • Do not attempt to find loopholes - this will be treated as knowingly violating the rules.
  • Attempting to evade a ban will result in the new account being permanently banned, and revoke the possibility of appealing the original ban.
  • Breaking a rule as a joke is still punishable: If you break a rule as a joke, expect to be banned as a joke.

Moderators can kick or ban players from multiplayer who violate the rules.

If you see a problem in multiplayer, you may report it to a moderator in our Discord server.


  • You can connect to the server by running the gsmp file (Giftscop Multiplayer), found in the same folder as the Giftscop executable file.
    • If you have a desktop shortcut for Giftscop, you may right click it and select "open file location" to open this folder.
    • If you don't see gsmp, you're probably either in the wrong folder, or using an outdated version of Giftscop.
  • If it is your first time connecting, or if you have not connected recently, you will need to log in using a Discord account. To do this, click OK on the dialog box that opens upon trying to connect. You must leave Giftscop open as you do this.
    • When you click OK, it will open a browser window where you may authorize using OAuth2.
    • You are not required to join our Discord server to play multiplayer, only an account is needed.
    • If the browser window does not open, your antivirus might be blocking it.
  • Only the latest Giftscop version can connect to multiplayer. The latest version can be found here.
    • Older versions, even if they supported multiplayer at the time of their release, cannot connect to multiplayer.
  • There are not multiple servers, everyone connects to the same server.


Here you may view how many players are currently online, and which locations are the most active.


To communicate with other players, you may use P2 to TALK. More info can be found here.

If you're coming from an older version of Giftscop, several things have been changed. These changes are discussed on the FAQ page.

User Data

This section lists the data we store on our systems when you access multiplayer, and how they are used. Those are:

  • The Discord ID and username of the account used for authorization, and a hardware identifier
    • Used for user identification.
  • All messages sent through P2 to TALK
    • Stored indefinitely for moderation purposes.