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P2 to TALK Info

The "P2 to TALK" system is fully implemented in Giftscop, and it works like it does in Petscop. This page explains additional details on how to use P2 to TALK.


P2 to TALK is disabled until the player progresses past a certain point in the school, where the third floor becomes accessible. This is so Giftscop behaves consistently with Petscop 12, where Marvin's inputs from the previous video are replayed without his P2 inputs. This is subject to change in the future, however. For the time being, this restriction is bypassed when you connect to multiplayer.

Assuming the controls have not been modified, you may press the tab key to switch between regular inputs and P2 inputs. The bindings for P2 buttons are identical to how they are for regular buttons.

After inputting a message, you may use the select button (controlled by spacebar by default) to send the message.

Only words that are in the phonetic dictionary table are accepted. If the inputs do not yield a result, "Not In Table" will be displayed. Word types such as proper nouns and names are not in the phonetic dictionary table.


Words are constructed with controller inputs, where each input represents a phonetic sound. Some inputs are preceded by a shoulder button:

- L1 L2 R1 R2
Cross ah /ɑ/
s /s/
m /m/
ay /eɪ/
oo /uː/
Triangle aw /ɔː/
sh /ʃ/
l /l/
ih /ɪ/
b /b/
Square a /æ/
z /z/
n /n/
- p /p/
Circle ow /aʊ/*
zh /ʒ/*
r /r/
ee /iː/
t /t/
Left eh /e/
ng /ŋ/
u /ʌ/
- th /θ/
Right er /ɚ/
g /g/
- ou /ʊ/
th /ð/
Up i /aɪ/
j /dʒ/
y /j/
oh /əʊ/
f /f/
Down a /eə/
c /k/
h /h/
oi /ɔɪ/*
v /v/
Start uh /ə/
ch /tʃ/
w /w/
- d /d/

* Combination was not used in the original series, but was added to Giftscop so the phoneme may be used. May be changed in the future.

Example usage

Input L2 Down Left L2 Triangle R1 Up
Sound h /h/ eh /e/ l /l/ oh /əʊ/
Result Hello

Dictionary information

Giftscop uses CMUdict. It has been modified from the original to omit proper nouns and some other words.

Word Lookup

The following tool may be used to retrieve the buttons that will produce a word.


This is a list of words used in the Petscop series.

Giftscop uses a phonetic dictionary for P2 to TALK, which includes but is NOT limited to these words. This section is included for reference.

Word Buttons
Am Down L2 Cross
And R1 Cross L2 Square R2 Start
Are Cross L2 Circle
Away L2 Left L2 Start R1 Cross
Baby R2 Triangle R1 Cross R2 Triangle R1 Circle
Back R2 Triangle Square L1 Down
Bad R2 Triangle Square R2 Start
Be R2 Triangle R1 Circle
Become R2 Triangle R1 Circle L1 Down Start L2 Cross
Being R2 Triangle R1 Circle R1 Triangle L1 Left
Bell R2 Triangle Left L2 Triangle
Born R2 Triangle R1 Up L2 Circle L2 Square
Boss L2 Triangle R1 Circle L2 Square Start
note: this spells "Lina" phonetically
Can L1 Down Down L2 Square
Come L1 Down Start L2 Cross
Could L1 Down R1 Right R2 Start
Do R2 Start R2 Cross
Driver L1 Up L2 Circle Up R2 Down Right
Driving L1 Up L2 Circle Up R2 Down R1 Triangle L1 Left
Family R2 Up Down L2 Cross R1 Triangle L2 Triangle R1 Circle
Fell R2 Up Left L2 Triangle
For R2 Up Triangle L2 Circle
Friend R2 Up L2 Circle Left L2 Square R2 Start
Fuck R2 Up L2 Left L1 Down
Funny R2 Up L2 Left L2 Square R1 Circle
Ha L2 Down Cross
Hell L2 Down Left L2 Triangle
Hello L2 Down Left L2 Triangle R1 Up
Help L2 Down Left L2 Triangle R2 Square
Her L2 Down Right
Here L2 Down R1 Circle L2 Circle
House Square R2 Cross L1 Cross
I Up
I'm Up L2 Cross
In R1 Triangle L2 Square
Investigate R1 Triangle L2 Square R2 Down Left L1 Cross R2 Circle R1 Triangle L1 Right R1 Cross R2 Circle
Is R1 Triangle L1 Cross
It R1 Triangle R2 Circle
Lost L2 Triangle Triangle L1 Cross R2 Circle
Lovely L2 Triangle Start R2 Down L2 Triangle R1 Circle
Me L2 Cross R1 Circle
Melody L2 Cross Left L2 Triangle Start R2 Start R1 Circle
Music L2 Cross R1 Circle R2 Cross L1 Square R1 Triangle L1 Down
New L2 Square R2 Cross
Next L2 Square Left L1 Down L1 Cross R2 Circle
Nifty L2 Square R1 Triangle R2 Up R2 Circle R1 Circle
No L2 Square R1 Up
Not L2 Square Cross R2 Circle
OK R1 Up L1 Down R1 Cross
One L2 Start L2 Left L2 Square
Pall R2 Square Triangle L2 Triangle
Play R2 Square L2 Triangle R1 Cross
Player R2 Square L2 Triangle R1 Cross Right
Plays R2 Square L2 Triangle R1 Cross L1 Cross
Present R2 Square L2 Circle Left L1 Square Left L2 Square R2 Circle
Press R2 Square L2 Circle Left L1 Cross
Put R1 Right R2 Circle
Remember L2 Circle R1 Circle L2 Cross Left L2 Cross R2 Triangle Right
Right L2 Circle Up R2 Circle
Room L2 Circle R2 Cross L2 Cross
Sad L1 Cross Square R2 Start
Seat L1 Cross R1 Circle R2 Circle
She L1 Triangle R1 Circle
Sit L1 Cross R1 Triangle R2 Circle
Smuggled L1 Cross L2 Cross L2 Left L1 Right L2 Triangle R2 Start
Son L1 Cross L2 Left L2 Square
Sorry L1 Cross Cross L2 Circle R1 Circle
Stop L1 Cross R2 Circle Cross R2 Square
Thanks R2 Left Square L2 Square L1 Down L1 Cross
The R2 Right L2 Left
There R2 Right Down L2 Circle
This R2 Right R1 Triangle L1 Cross
Tiara R2 Circle R1 Circle Cross L2 Circle Start
Time R2 Circle Up L2 Cross
Together R2 Circle R2 Cross L1 Right Left R2 Left Right
Too R2 Circle R2 Cross
Tripped L1 Start L2 Circle R1 Triangle R2 Square R2 Circle
Wait L2 Start R1 Cross R2 Circle
Waiting L2 Start R1 Cross R2 Circle R1 Triangle L1 Left
We L2 Start R1 Circle
What L2 Start L2 Left R2 Circle
Will L2 Start R1 Triangle L2 Triangle
You L2 Up R2 Cross
Your L2 Up R1 Up L2 Circle