Scene List

Scene Name Description
garalina The Garalina logo animation
title The title screen
gift-plane The Gift Plane
level1-room1 Even Care entrance room
level1-room2 Even Care hallway
level1-room3 Amber's room
level1-room4 Roneth's room
level1-room5 Pen's room
level1-room6 Room between Pen's room and Randice & Wavey's room
level1-room7 Randice & Wavey's room
level1-room8 Odd Care entrance room
newmaker-plane The Newmaker Plane
cellar Entry area of under the Newmaker Plane from the trap door
hallway1 Hallway between the cellar and the office
anna-office Office under the Newmaker Plane with ringing phone
hallway2 Long hallway with pictures of buildings & hidden "gallery"
road Room with the road and cars driving
grave Room with Mike's grave & the shed
shed1 Daisy level of shed
shed2 Underground portion of shed with Care NLM
tunnel Short hallway after grave room leading to the tool room or Quitter's Room
tool-entrance Area outside the building with the red tool
tool Building with the red tool & windmill camera
mirror-entrance Area outside entrances to Quitter's Room that leads to alt trap door
mirror-right Tunnel to right side of the Quitter's Room
mirror-left Tunnel to left side of the Quitter's Room
mirror The Quitter's Room building and mirror
staircase Alternate trap door exit stairs that leads to windmill area
library-entrance "Good Grief and Alas" hallway with Child Library
library Child Library easel room
library-room Generated room from the Child Library
present The room with the gift boxes, accessed from Lina's room in the Child Library
present-exit The gift box side room that leads to Odd Care
windmill Interior of the windmill
house Living room interior of the house
house-bathroom Bathroom inside of the house
care-bedroom Care's bedroom inside of the house
marvin-bedroom Other bedroom inside of the house
house-garage Garage inside of the house
school-floor1 First floor of the school
school-class1 Classroom on the first floor, with the Needles Piano
school-floor2 Second floor of the school
school-class2 Classroom on the second floor
school-floor3 Third floor of the school
school-class3 Classroom on the third floor
school-stairs School basement stairway
school-basement School basement
machine The room containing the machine in the school basement
sort-test-room Sorting test room shown in Petscop
roadmap1 "Road Map" entry room
roadmap2 Room showcasing the four caskets
level2-room1 Work Zone (level 2) entry/test room
present-bench The room from the end of the soundtrack video