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Before Playing

First, we strongly recommend watching the original Petscop videos before playing Giftscop. If you play Giftscop without having watched the original series, you will be missing out on a lot of important information. In other words, Giftscop is NOT a substitute for the original series. This walkthrough focuses primarily on progressing through the game itself, not story content.

Several parts of the game function in ways that are very ambiguous. In Giftscop, we've implemented things according to our own interpretations of how the game functions. However, it's possible that our interpretations are different from what the original series intended.

Second, if you've played through the game previously, or used cheats, we strongly recommend that you reset everything before following this walkthrough. The walkthrough will assume that your copy of the game is in its default state. If this is not the case, some things will behave differently than how they're described here.

As you progress through the game, certain things will change, and these changes will permanently affect how the game functions, even if you delete your files on the title screen. If you've just downloaded the game however, you probably don't need to worry about this.

To reset your progress, navigate to the game's persistent data directory, and delete the savedata folder. Depending on how much you've played previously, you may also want to delete the recordings folder.

And finally, this walkthrough will assume that you're using the most recent version of Giftscop. If you're using an older build, certain features may be unfinished or missing entirely. As of the time of writing, the latest build is 1.2-pre27.


If it is your first time opening the game, you will be prompted to select one of several possible layouts for the game's controls.

Giftscop's keyboard controls should be thought of as similar to how keyboard controls would work in a PlayStation emulator: Keys are set to control buttons on a virtual gamepad.

Whenever you're prompted to press a button, it will be written to refer to PlayStation buttons, not keys on your keyboard. In most cases this is unambiguous, however it can be confusing in cases where the d-pad or X button is involved. After a controls layout has been selected, the game will open and display the Garalina animation.

The Garalina logo should be oriented completely vertically, with the G at the bottom of the screen. If the logo is tilted differently, you will need to reset your save data in order to start the game from the beginning. The previous section of this walkthrough describes how to reset your save data.

After the Garalina logo, the title screen will load. From here, you may create a new save file. When the file is loaded, you will be taken to the Gift Plane, and the game will begin.

Whenever you want to save your game and return to the title screen, just open the pause menu via the start button, select the quit game option, and then select save and quit.

The Gift Plane

After loading your file, you'll be able to control the player character (called guardian) using the d-pad, and interact with objects using the X button.

The Gift Plane is relatively simple. The pink sign provides some information about the location. When you're ready to proceed, enter the building to the right of the sign.

Even Care

Upon entering Even Care, you'll find yourself in a blue and pink room, with a picture of Toneth and Randice on the wall.

Throughout Even Care, you'll find small collectable objects called pieces. When you collect pieces, a counter will appear on the upper left of the screen, displaying the number of pieces in your possession. You may also view your piece count in the pause menu, which can be opened via the start button. Be sure to collect all of the pieces you find, as they will become important later in the game.

You may also find 5 pets within Even Care:


Amber's room contains two cage doors on either side of the room, with Amber inside one of the cages.

Next to each door is a lever, which can be used to open or close the respective cage. Amber will immediately jump to the opposite cage if the door is opened, or if you attempt to approach her.

To catch her, you must open both cage doors, and then lock yourself in one of the cages, by flipping a switch to close the door and entering the cage as the door is closing. Amber will then jump into the closed cage, and you'll be able to catch her. After this, you may walk to the opposite cage via a hidden pathway in the corner of the cage you're in.


Pen's room can be accessed via the lower middle pathway in Amber's room. The room contains a large musical keyboard, a treadmill and a sign which displays a number.

You may play the keyboard by walking on its keys. When you're standing on the keyboard, copies of the guardian will appear at each octave relative to the key you're standing on. Pen will move to a key which harmonizes with whichever key you're playing, based on the number near the treadmill. You may use the treadmill to control which harmony Pen will play.

To catch Pen, set the number to 7, and move such that one of the copies of the guardian overlaps Pen's location.

Wavey & Randice

Wavey & Randice's room can be accessed via the left pathway in Pen's room. The room contains two areas with grass, an umbrella and a bucket.

Randice will appear from the ground in one of the grassy areas, and Wavey will appear above him, raining. If you attempt to approach Randice, he will flee to the opposite area of grass, and Wavey will follow him.

To catch them, you must push the bucket onto the location that Randice appears on either of the two grassy areas, and then approach Randice so that he attempts to appear there. If the bucket is positioned correctly, it will block Randice from appearing in that spot, so he will appear behind the bucket instead. Wavey will rain into the bucket, and Randice will wilt, allowing you to catch them both.


Roneth's room can be found to the right of Amber's room. The room is long and narrow, and Roneth will flee if you attempt to approach him.

To catch Roneth, you must bring the bucket from Wavey & Randice's room into Roneth's room, and push it below the location where Roneth begins moving upwards. After this, walk downwards, and Roneth will fall into the bucket, allowing you to catch him.

If the bucket gets stuck, you may leave the room and return to Wavey & Randice's room, and the bucket will be back at its initial position.

After catching a pet, you may view a short description of them from within the pause menu. To open the pause menu, press the start button.

Leaving Even Care

When you're ready to move on, proceed to Roneth's room and enter the cheat code from the note that came with the game:


For you:
Please go to my website on the sticker and also go to roneth's room and press start and press down down down down down right start

Keep in mind that this note is referring to controller buttons, not keys on your keyboard: down and right may not be controlled by the arrow keys, depending on which controls layout you selected.

When the code is entered successfully, a sound will play and the music will stop. After this, you may leave Even Care through the same way you entered, and you will arrive at the next location.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to collect all of the pieces before you leave, because you won't be able to come back later. You should have 55 pieces by the time you've finished exploring Even Care.

The pets will also become inaccessible after you leave, however they're not required in order to progress further into the game.

The Newmaker Plane

Upon entering the code in Roneth's room and leaving Even Care, you'll find yourself in a dark grassy field, next to a small brick building.

Be very careful not to get lost. This room goes on forever, and there are very few landmarks.

To proceed, walk diagonally Southeast, or down-right, from the brick building. After approximately 30 seconds of walking, you should reach a closed wooden door. The door will open automatically after about a couple of minutes have passed.

The following portion of the game contains numerous rooms which may be visited in whatever order you want. For this walkthrough, we'll first briefly explore all of the accessible rooms, and then focus on more specific events within the important rooms.


Upon entering the wooden door, you'll find yourself in the cellar. There isn't much to do here, but be sure to collect the 8 pieces in the room. After that, enter the passage on the left side of the room.

After the cellar is a concrete hallway. Collect the 27 pieces here, and then proceed through the passageway to the left.

Next, you'll find yourself inside a small office. You may interact with the phone, and the corkboard on the right side of the room. Be sure to collect the 3 pieces before you leave. When you're ready to proceed, enter the passage on the left side of the room.

The next room is another concrete hallway, containing 44 pieces. Throughout this room, you'll find several images which you can interact with to view more closely. To move on to the next room, proceed upwards and to the right.

After that, you'll enter a large concrete room with a road in the middle. Cars will occasionally drive by on the road. You may collect 36 pieces here. From this room, you may either take the upwards passage to the right of the road, or the passage on the right side of the room. This walkthrough will assume you've entered the upwards passage, but it doesn't really matter which order you explore these rooms in.

After taking the upwards passage in the room with the road, you'll find yourself in a grassy room containing a grave, several rocks and a shed. The shed and the grave both have faces on them. This room contains 15 pieces. You may interact with the grave to view an epitaph. The shed contains two entrances: a regular pathway on the left, and a basement door on the right:

The shed's left entrance will simply lead inside of the shed. Here, there is a large flower which you may remove the petals from.

Through the shed's basement door, you'll find a concrete room with an octagonal portion of grass in the center. When you're ready to move on, exit the shed, and walk into the area behind the shed, using the passage on the right.

After walking behind the shed, you'll find a narrow tunnel. At the end of this tunnel, you can either go left or right. As mentioned earlier, it doesn't really matter which order you explore these rooms in, so you can take either path. This walkthrough will assume you went left though.

The left path in the narrow tunnel will lead to a narrow horizontal area. There are 6 pieces in this room. On the left is an open door.

The door will lead to a large interior room. On the right side of this room, you'll find two important things you can interact with: A red object which will allow you to ask a question and a large screen, which you may use to view a windmill. If you view the windmill, the red object will command that you continue watching it; this will be revisited in a later section. Be sure to collect all of the 10 pieces in the room before leaving. When you're ready to proceed, go back to the narrow tunnel with the left and right paths.

The right path in the narrow tunnel leads to another narrow horizontal area. This room contains 8 pieces, and two entrances. The entrance on the left cannot be entered.

If you walk into the right entrance, you'll find an interior hallway, leading to another room. This room has a large mirror in the center, and you can see another character reflecting your movements on the other side. Quitter's room is written on the floor here. When you're ready to move on, walk back out the way you came.

If you walk further to the right, the path will eventually turn forward, and will lead to a staircase. This staircase will take you back to the dark grass field. Right now there isn't anything you need to do here, but you may want to return here at a later point. From here, you may return to the concrete room with the road, and enter the passage on the right side of the room.

The right passage in the room with the road will lead to a large horizontal hallway. Good grief and alas is written on the wall. There are 19 pieces to collect in this room. On the right side of the room you can find a red brick building with an open door.

Inside of the building is an easel which, when interacted with, will open a menu. The menu allows you to select various facial features, including eyes, eyebrows, a nose, and distances between these features. If you decide to enter a face, the room will begin shaking. After about ten minutes have passed, the shaking will stop, and you'll be able to enter the passage in the upper right area of the room. Right now however, you don't need to enter a face or visit the room through the passage if you don't want to.

After exploring all of the rooms mentioned so far, you should have at least 231 pieces. We'll now examine more specific events within several rooms:


NOTE: The following content is optional

The room with the grave from earlier contained several faces which you can input onto the easel in order to access special rooms.

When describing how to enter faces, this walkthrough will provide a series of numbers, corresponding to options within the menu that the easel opens: Zero corresponds to the first (top) option, one corresponds to the next option down, and so on...

First, the face on the grave: 3 3 1 1 2 0 0 1 0 0 0. Upon entering the face into the easel, you should see the following text box:

Mike is not inside right now. He is dead.

You may visit his room.

As described earlier, the room will shake for about ten minutes, and then the passage in the upper right portion of the room will become accessible, allowing you to access Mike's room.

If you want, you can skip the majority of this time by saving and quitting via the pause menu, and then reloading your save file. After this, you'll be placed back in the room, but the shaking animation will be finished and the passage in the upper right area will be open.

Once the passage is accessible, you may explore Mike's room.

The second face, which was on the shed in the grave room: 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0. Upon entering the face, you should see the following text box:

Care is missing.

You may visit her room.

Once the passage is accessible, you may explore Care's room. This room contains a note on the wall.

You may also want to try changing the eyebrows on these faces. Here are a couple to try:

  • 3 3 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0
  • 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0


NOTE: The following content is optional

In the room with the red object and the screen displaying the windmill, you are able to ask the object a question. Most questions will just produce a default I don't know response. Here are some questions which result in actual answers:

  • Who is Tiara?
  • Where am I?
  • Who are you?
  • Remember being born?

Upon asking Who are you? the object will tell you that it's called tool.

When you're asking questions, there is a chance that the tool will turn pink and begin responding differently.

Watching The Windmill

NOTE: The following content is optional

If you choose to continue watching the windmill like the red tool has asked, you will have to continue watching the windmill for 2 hours and 39 minutes until something occurs, which includes the appearance of Toneth.

After this event is finished, you can either wait an additional 1 hour and 24 minutes to witness the windmill disappearing, or head to the area near the windmill from the staircase to the right of the quitter's room. Here, you will be able to catch Toneth.

After you've seen this event with the windmill, you can wait near the road tunnel for a while to see the event from Petscop 8.

Come Here

NOTE: The following content is optional

After the red tool has turned pink at least once, you can visit the quitter's room and wait a short while. Eventually, a melody will begin to play, and the character on the other side of the mirror will disappear.

After the music stops, check the note on the wall. You can then go back to the red tool to find that it's turned pink again.

Entering The Windmill

In the room with the grave and shed, proceed into the shed's basement door, but don't go far enough to actually load the next room. Instead, proceed right. If you do this correctly, you should glitch out of the spot you were in, ending up on the ground outside of the shed, and the guardian will now be a dark silhouette.

Now, enter the tunnel behind the shed, and proceed rightwards until you reach the staircase, then proceed up the staircase.

In the grass field, proceed left from the door for approximately 7 seconds. You should find an object protruding from the ground. From here, proceed upwards for approximately 6 seconds to find the windmill. The windmill can be entered from the back.

Inside the windmill you'll find several important things: a sign with a face on it, a white tool, a spinning figure, and some pieces stuck inside of the windmill's gears.

Use the white tool to collect the 50 pieces. Afterwards, the figure will be gone, and the windmill will begin rumbling and spinning the opposite direction.

The silhouette effect won't be used for anything else for a while, and it will be easier to see what you're doing without the effect. If you want to go back to normal, just enter the shed's basement door again.

Another Face

Return to the brick building in the area with good grief and alas written on the wall. The face you found inside of the windmill can be entered into the easel here.

Following the same format that was used previously, the face is 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 2. When the face is entered correctly, you will see the following text box:

You found her.

You may visit her room.

Allow the shaking animation to complete, either by waiting for ten minutes, or by using the save file trick mentioned earlier. Once the room has stopped shaking, enter the passage in the upper right portion of the room.

The room will be lighter than the rooms you get when different faces are used. There will be a note on the wall, like in Care's room. When you're ready to move on, enter the passage on the right, behind the table.

The next room is very dark at first, and can even be mistaken for a black screen. Just walk forwards and eventually you'll be able to see. There are 36 pieces here. Walk forward and eventually you'll find two large gift boxes which can be opened. Be sure to open the gift box on the right, as it contains a key which will be important later. By the time you've explored this room, you should have at least 317 pieces.

NOTE: It is not possible to leave this room through the way you came in. If you attempt to walk back out that way, nothing will happen. Due to the lighting in this room, it is easy to mistake this for a crash, as the screen may become completely black when you attempt to leave this way. To leave, you must proceed forwards, through the area that is discussed below.

When you're ready to proceed, walk to the left side of the room, and begin walking downwards. In this area, there is a small white building. It's a bit difficult to see, due to how the camera behaves here, but once you find it, you'll be able to enter through the front.

Inside is a small room containing a third gift box. Upon opening the gift box, the camera will enter it, and a chorus sound will begin playing for several seconds. After this, you'll be in the grass field again. Walk forward to find the same brick building from when you initially left Even Care. Now, the door is open.

Odd Care

Through the brick building door, you can return to Even Care, you may notice that several things are different however. This altered version of Even Care isn't given an official name within the original series, but fans will sometimes refer to it as Odd Care. As you explore, be sure to collect the 27 new pieces here.

In Amber's room, you'll find that the door to Roneth's room is now closed, and that the right cage is already open. You'll want to open both cages before leaving.

In Pen's room, the keyboard is missing, and the door to Wavey & Randice's room is now closed. The treadmill also behaves a bit differently now. If you plucked any of the petals from the flower in the shed, you may recognize the sound that now plays when you change the number next to the treadmill. Set the number to -1.

When you're done, try and exit through the way you came in. The door in the hallway with the two signs may close, and the game will freeze, as it does in the original series.

When the game freezes, just close the game, reopen it and load you save file. Crashes will cause the game save some of what you did, however a label reading PANICSV possible corruption will appear on your file.

When you reload your file, just enter the gift box again. If you want to go back to Odd Care, enter the brick building. Otherwise, if you want to move on, walk back to the cellar door.

The cellar door can again be found diagonally Southeast, or down-right, from the brick building.

By the time you've finished exploring Odd Care, you should have at least 344 pieces.

Care NLM

NOTE: The following content is optional

If you return to the room with the shed, and enter the shed's basement door, you'll be able to catch Care NLM on the octagonal grass platform.

After catching Care NLM, you may read her description in the pets section of the pause menu. She won't initially be visible within the menu, but you can continue downwards past the six regular pets to reveal an additional portion of the menu, where Care NLM and several other pets can be found.

Freeing Tiara

After opening both of Amber's cages in Odd Care, you can proceed to the tunnel behind the shed, and take the right path. Now, both the left and right entrances are accessible. The left entrance will allow you to access the left side of the quitter's room.

After entering the left side, go to the right side. The character who previously reflected your movements should now be gone.

By this point, you should have at least 344 pieces.

The House

Finding The House

To reach the house, you will need to travel relatively far across the grass field. It's easy to get lost here; We recommend saving your game before leaving any known landmarks, so you can reload your file if you get lost.

Proceed to the staircase right of the quitter's room entrance, and go up. Then, proceed left until you reach the object protruding from the ground, and then walk forwards until you reach the windmill position. The house is located Northwest from this location, slightly more North than West. It's quite far, and will take a couple minutes to reach.

Along the way, you may find a tire, but this is optional.

Eventually, you will find a road. On the road is a sign, which reads This is a frozen house, captured three times, exactly as it was. The house can be found directly forward from this sign.

If you're having trouble finding the road, you can walk directly left for approximately 56 seconds, and then directly up for approximately 1 minute and 50 seconds, starting from the windmill, and you should reach it. NOTE: It is very easy to mistakenly count too fast or too slow. If this happens, you may end up in the wrong location and become lost. We recommend using a stopwatch to ensure that you walk for the correct amount of time.

The door of the house will be closed, but you can use the green key to unlock it. After this, a text box will appear, and the door will open automatically after several minutes have passed.

December 25th

Inside the house, you'll find people appearing and disappearing at various locations, along with a Christmas tree, two calendars and 21 pieces.

After some time has passed, text boxes will begin appearing. After they have all appeared, the door next to the calendars will open. Enter the door, and a short cutscene will play.

The door leads to the bathroom, which contains 3 pieces.

June 5th

When you leave the bathroom, the house will have changed: The people and Christmas decorations are gone, the calendars are different, and a bucket is now present.

The door on the lower left area is now open, and there are several objects on the table next to the door, with pieces connected to them. There's also a note pinned on the wall next to where the Christmas tree was.

Care A

NOTE: The following content is optional

The door on the left will take you to a bedroom. Care A sits on the bed, but you're unable to catch her here. On the left side of the room is a small closet.

Above the closet door is a clock which displays the ingame time. The ingame time is based on your computer's clock, using the EST time zone.

If you're inside the closet between 6:00 and 6:15, the door will close. After you're inside the closet, and the door is closed, Marvin will break in through the window at 6:15, take Care, and then leave the room. Then, the closet door will open again, and the room will reset.

After this point, a ladder will appear outside of the house, on the right side. You may use it to enter Care's room through the window as Marvin did, and catch Care A.


If you walk left on the road outside of the house, you'll find a teal tool, which moves left as you attempt to approach it, eventually moving upwards.

If you take the bucket outside of the house and onto the road, you can capture the tool, similar to how Roneth may be captured in Even Care. When the tool enters the bucket, the paint in the bucket will splash, covering the tool and changing its color.

Bring the bucket back into the house, and put it next to the table near Care's door. The tool will then remove the pieces from table, giving you 15 pieces.

Painting The Walls

In order to progress any further, you will need to enter the door in the lower right corner of the house. This door is closed however, so you can't enter it directly.

This is one of the more difficult parts of the game, and may take you several attempts to complete. We strongly recommend watching Petscop 14 if you haven't already, as it's where this part happens during the original series. It may be easier to understand by seeing it in a video, instead of just reading about it.

Before attempting to enter the room, be sure you've done everything you want to do at the house in its current state, as some things will become inaccessible afterwards. The tool on the road discussed in the previous section is particularly important to complete before this part.

In order to complete this part, you'll need to understand a bit about the game's recording system: Whenever you play the game, your button inputs are recorded to a file, which may later be played back as a demo if you wait at the title screen for a long enough time. During demo playback, some parts of the game may be different. This can cause the recording to end up doing things differently than what originally happened. One such difference is that the door you need to enter will be open. With this is mind, you can load your save file, and then attempt to walk through the door, pretending it's open, and continue pressing buttons as if you were actually in the room. After you're done, save and quit, and then the recording will be added to the rotation of demos that may play on the title screen. When the recording plays, the door will be open, and it will actually enter the room.

When you're ready to make an attempt, load your save file, and push the bucket against the closed door, pretending that it's open. Push it far enough that you would enter through the doorway. Next, move down and to the right, so that you reach the lower right corner of the room, avoiding the beds in the middle. Move up to reach the upper right corner of the room. At this point, the bucket will appear in the corner of the room, and a paint roller will appear, allowing you to paint the wall black.

The roller will move one tile each time you press a directional button, and moving it downwards will cause it to paint the current tile. There are three columns of tiles which may be painted. Once you've finished painting the wall, a black key will appear out of the bucket. Make sure to wait a little bit before leaving the room, so that you collect the key. Move down, left, up and then left again to exit the room. Next, you must use the key to unlock the door on the right side of the living room, and then enter the door.

At this point, you can use the pause menu to save and quit, and then wait for the recording to play.

If successful, the recording will push the bucket into the room, and the recording will navigate to the upper right corner of the room, painting the wall and collecting the key. After that, the recording will exit the room, open to the locked door using the black key, and then enter the door. Then, the screen will fade to black, and a chorus sound will play. After this, the game will restart, and the Garalina logo will be tilted counterclockwise.

Alternatives to waiting at the title screen

Due to the random nature of demos, it may take a long time before the correct recording will be chosen on the title screen. If you wish, you may also choose to play a specific recording via the secret menu. The secret menu may be accessed like in Petscop 17: Open the pause menu, navigate to the sound test. From here, you'll need to play 85. Care says "Bye-bye" 360 or more times, and then play 84. Care says "Uh-oh". After that, a sound will play, and the screen will fade to orange. From here, navigate to the all recordings section. The most recent recording should appear at the top of the list. When playing a recording this way, you must change the gen property from 9 to 8 if you are attempting to enter the closed door in the house. When the recording is played back as a demo on the title screen this happens automatically, however you must set the gen yourself when you're using the secret menu.

NOTE: The specific details regarding the gen value at this point in the series are rather ambiguous. The way it works here in Giftscop is subject to change in the future.

November 12th

At this point in the game, the title screen will only show one save file, titled Strange situation. Upon loading this file, the camera will be focused on the house, and you'll be placed offscreen to the right. Outside of the house, you'll see several signs with balloons attached to them, and arrows on the ground pointing to the house door. When you're ready to proceed, enter the house.

Inside the house you'll find more birthday decorations, and several text boxes. The doors which were previously closed are now open.

Inside the bedroom where you painted the wall, you'll find several additional text boxes. NOTE: The game may freeze in this room (like in Petscop 14) so do not save here, otherwise your file may become softlocked.

Through the other door, you'll find a garage which has a computer inside of it. You may interact with the computer to view what's being displayed on the monitor.

Retracing Your Steps

Upon leaving the house, your movements will become inverted. Be careful not to immediately reenter the house, as this is very easy to do at this point.

After some time has passed, a large text box will open, inquiring about what happened on November 11th of 1997, and asking you to retrace your steps.

From here, walk back to the windmill, so you can get back to the underground rooms. You can go back the way you came, walking diagonally Southeast, or down-right. Slightly more South than East. Like before, we recommend saving your game before leaving the house, if you are worried about getting lost. If you can't figure out how to get back to the windmill, try starting from the house, walking down for approximately 1 minute and 50 seconds, then right for approximately 56 seconds.

Optionally, as you're walking back, you may find another text box, discussing a girl who went missing. If this happens, you may walk in circles around the location you were standing when the text box appeared, and eventually a gray ask box will appear. If you ask what happened to her? then a grave, similar to Mike's, will appear out of the ground. The face on the grave is the same as the face that can be found inside of the windmill.

Once you reach the windmill area, proceed through the trapdoor, and down the staircase. Return to the room with the road where the cars drive by. Proceed North along the road and through the tunnel.

This part takes a while, you'll need to walk along the road for approximately 25 minutes. Eventually, a chorus sound will begin playing, and then you'll appear in front of a bench next to the school, and your movement will no longer be reversed.


Alternatively, you may return to the shed entrance to obtain the silhouette effect, then proceed onto the road to be hit by an orange car, like in Petscop 22. If you do this, the camera will eventually begin moving along the road, and the track driving will begin playing. This will continue for about an hour (over twice as long as if you had walked) before you reach the school.

NOTE: If you use the driving event to reach the school, you will not be able to walk through the girl image, and you will not be able to play a board game with the counselor. Instead, proceed as if you had already completed the events on the second floor.

The remainder of this walkthrough will assume that you walked.

The School

First Floor

From the bench, just walk forward a little bit and you'll find the school building. Upon entering, you'll notice that the game controls differently here: Instead of the regular third-person controls, the school uses a first-person system. A strange brick overlay will cover much of the screen, with the guardian appearing in the lower middle. The left and right buttons will cause the camera to rotate, while up and down are used to move forwards and backwards.

This first room is quite large, and can be difficult to navigate if you aren't familiar with it. Each side of the room contains a large open area with pieces, lockers along the walls, and windows on the furthest wall. One of the lockers on the West side has a lock which you may interact with. Near the Northwest corner of the room, you can find a door which leads to a side room. Near the Northeast corner, you can find a large dark passage, leading to the basement. Directly in front of the area you entered from, you can find a staircase which leads to the second floor. When you're ready to proceed, use the stairs to access the second floor.

Second Floor

On the second floor, you'll find several hallways. If you try and walk too far, you'll get pulled back to a specific wall with an image of a girl wearing a hat. The girl image isn't actually a solid wall; you can walk through it to access another room.

After walking through the girl image, you'll be in an office containing some furniture, and a shelf with several board games on it. After some time has passed, a text box will appear, and you'll be asked to select a board game.

NOTE: As of the time of writing, only the Graverobber and Checker games have been implemented. The other two, Rotation and Accident, cannot be played currently.

It doesn't matter which board game you select, however, Graverobber is what was selected in the original Petscop series.


Graverobber is an original game created for the Petscop series. The game functions similar to Battleship, in that each player places several pieces on their respective sides, and must attempt to locate said pieces on the opposing player's side. In the case of Graverobber, you must locate the other player's grave pieces and dig the dirt portions of them.

What's unique about Graverobber is that your position on your own board may differ from your position on the other player's board. This will happen if you attempt to move through an area which is traversable on your board, but blocked on the opponent's board.

On each turn, you may either move your piece, dig at a tile adjacent to your piece, or skip your turn. You're also able to record information about the board, by editing a grid which appears above your board.

If your position becomes desynced between the two boards, digging will allow you to determine your position on the other board, as it will add a brown tile on the recording grid.


Checkers functions the same as the real-world checkers game. The goal is to capture all of your opponent's pieces, by jumping over them using your own pieces. Each piece can only move diagonally forwards at first. If one reaches the opposite side of the board however, it may be crowned, allowing it to move in any diagonal direction.

Once you decide which game you want to play, it will begin, and several additional text boxes will appear throughout the game.

It doesn't actually matter whether you win the game or not, so don't worry about that.

Once the game is over, you may leave. You won't be pulled back to the girl image anymore, so you're now free to collect the 30 pieces in the room.

By this point, you should have at least 474 pieces.

When you're ready to move on, return to the first floor, and enter the dark passage in the corner. This will take you to the basement stairs.

From there, enter the doorway on the side of the room.

NOTE: This portion of the game is left very ambiguous within the original series. It's unknown what happens directly after the player enters this path. For Giftscop, we've implemented it such that it leads directly to later portions of the game, but this may not be the canon way that this part of the game is meant to function.

After walking sufficiently far into the doorway, a chorus sound will begin playing.

Third Floor

Navigate back to the second floor of the school, and locate the stairs leading further upwards. These will takes you to the third floor.

The third floor contains several computers, a game console in the center, and a large jittering cone with pieces hovering around it.

Move the green tool over the cone, and press cross. The screen will fade to black, and you will be given 26 pieces.

Now, you should have at least 500 pieces. If you have fewer than 500, you may have missed some in a previous location.

After this, the room will fade back in, but it will be significantly darker, and all of the monitors will be turned off, except for the one in the center of the room.

On the opposite side of the room is a door leading to another classroom. You may explore it if you wish.


Go to the first floor, and proceed into the dark passage in the Northeast corner of the room. When you reach the stairs room, proceed through the door in the center. This door leads to the basement.

In the basement, you'll find a large hole in the center of the room, along with several pushable objects. In front of the hole is a sign, which you can read. On the left wall is a closet door, however it is closed initially.

The objects in the room may be pushed into the hole. Push the framed photograph into the hole, and then the closet door will open. Inside of the closet, you'll find Care B. Catch her, and then enter the passage on the Northern wall of the basement when you're ready to proceed.

The next room is red, and contains a machine, built out of several cylindrical objects. The green tool will also appear above the guardian.

If you freed Tiara from the quitter's room, one side of the machine should already have pieces hovering around it. If this is not the case, you will need to backtrack and ensure that Tiara has been freed.

This next part requires 500 pieces. If you don't have enough, then you must have missed some at an earlier point in the game, in which case you will need to backtrack and collect them.

Approach the machine, and the screen will fade to black. Your piece counter will appear, and begin depleting to zero. When the room fades back in, you'll see that your pieces have been added to the machine.

When both sides of the machine have pieces, stand directly in front of the opening in the rusty cylinder in the middle. Open the pause menu and select the pets section. You may notice that the prompt which normally reads select pet now says drop. Drop Care B. The pause menu will close, and a text box reading spin when ready will appear. Interact with the object, and it will close.

After several seconds, a triangular purple object will appear in the center of the room. When you pick it up, a prompt reading Play Needles Piano Now will appear.

If you have a MIDI keyboard, you may use it to play the Needles Piano. Alternatively, you may press the square button to play a note.

Play the Needles Piano until the notes begin to sound reverberated. At this point, you may open the machine again, and Care B will be replaced by an egg, which can be caught.

Leave the basement, and proceed back to the first floor. Navigate to the locker with the padlock, and enter the following code: 9-2-19. If entered correctly, it will cause the locker to open. You may now open the pause menu, select the pets section, and drop the egg into the locker.

Now, leave the school and approach the bench. The lighting will change, and the game will go back to the title screen.

From here, you may load your save file again to access the room from the end of the soundtrack video, but otherwise, this is the end of the game.